Terms And Condition
1.1 J. S. Hansom Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to vary any of the terms and conditions of sale, and will advise the customer in writing
1.2 An order may only be made in writing in readable English.
1.3 Verbal orders will not be accepted by J. S. Hansom Pty. Ltd.
1.4 A quote supplied by J.S.Hansom Pty. Ltd is based on information and specifications supplied by the purchaser. J. S. Hansom Pty. Ltd. does not accept any liability for errors or omissions in its offer as a result of inaccurate or incomplete information.
However, J. S. Hansom Pty. Ltd. will undertake to ensure that all specifications are accurate and meet the customers requirements.
Cancellation of Order
2.1 An order may be cancelled only by notice in writing, and it is at the discretion of J.S. Hansom Pty. Ltd as to whether such notice is accepted.
1.2 In the event of such cancellation, the purchaser is required to fully compensate J.S. Hansom Pty. Ltd. for any costs or loss incurred by J. S. Hansom Pty. Ltd., and or its suppliers.
1.3 In the event that an order is cancelled after manufacture has commenced, a cancellation fee of up to 100% or the purchase order value will apply.
3.1 All products will be supplied by J.S. Hansom Pty. Ltd. at the quoted price to the customer. These prices are valid for the term stated in the quote to the customer.
3.2 Our price does not include installation or commissioning unless otherwise agreed upon.
3.3 All prices are GST (Goods and Services Tax) exclusive.
3.4 In addition to each amount payable for any products or services supplied by J. S. Hansom Pty. Ltd., the purchasers will pay 10% of that price for GST.
4.1 J.S. Hansom Pty. Ltd. will issue a tax invoice to the purchaser for goods and services supplied and for GST payable.
4.2 All payments will be made in full within (30) thirty days of the last day of the month in which the invoice is issued.
4.3 J. S. Hansom Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to vary (4.2) at any time and may request payment on or before delivery.
5.1 The delivery period for a J. S. Hansom Pty. Ltd. product will be stated on the quote supplied to the customer.
5.2 The delivery period shall be deemed to run from the date J.S. Hansom Pty.Ltd. receives the customerís approval to proceed with manufacture.
5.3 J. S. Hansom Pty. Ltd. may vary the delivery period at any time, and will notify the customer of this change. J.S. Hansom Pty. Ltd. will endeavour to adhere to the quoted delivery time, and shall not be liable for any liquidated damages incurred by the customer.
5.4 Products that are manufactured and released to a carrier or a purchaser from the premises of J.S. Hansom Pty. Ltd will be at the sole risk of the purchaser. J. S Hansom Pty. Ltd. will not be liable for any damages to an item manufactured by J. S. Hansom Pty. Ltd. that occur in transit.
6.1 All products manufactured by J.S. Hansom Pty. Ltd come with a standard 12 month warranty.
6.2 Extended warranty may be offered of up to 8 years upon request, and is dependent on the type of application of the product.
Intellectual Property Rights
7.1 J.S. Hansom Pty. Ltd. shall retain ownership of all designs and drawings accompanying a quotation supplied to a prospective customer. The customer shall not make any design or any drawing available to a 3rd party, so that party may profit or gain competitive advantage over J. S. Hansom Pty. Ltd. Should a drawing or design need to be made available to a 3rd party, the purchaser must make it known to J. S. Hansom Pty Ltd.