Excellence in Innovation

 J. S. Hansom Pty Ltd will always accept a challenge, particularly when it comes to solving problems for specialty applications.  

In 1992 we were approached by Nu Lec Pty Ltd to supply Partial Discharge Free Resin Cast Voltage Transformers.  The scope of the work was to manufacture 11KV, 22KV and 33KV V.Tís which would sit inside vacuum reclosers.  J. S. Hansom Pty. Ltd. was the only company that could provide a resin cast voltage transformer that was stable under extreme conditions of +70oc to -40oc cycled twice per day.  These transformers are still in service worldwide.


In 1997 J. S. Hansom Pty. Ltd manufactured a High Voltage Resonant Test Set for Transgrid.  This unit was to be used for age testing of insulation of high voltage equipment used in the mining industry.  The aim was to accelerate aging of insulation such that an assessment could be carried out on the materials used and why they failed.  Our company was asked to submit an 11KV Voltage Transformer along with 9 other local and overseas suppliers to participate in this test.  

The end result was that any resin cast transformer with partial discharge levels of less or equal to 50Pc changed over an equivalent 12 year test period by factors of 10 to 15 times. Transformers with greater than 50pc and up to 100Pc failed within the first week or ended up having  > 1000Pc to 5000pc discharge.  The only unit that did not change was the J. S. Hansom Voltage Transformer, which started with <1Pc discharge and finished with <1Pc discharge.


Indigo Technologies, a company that provides sustainable air emissions solution for clean coal combustion and industrial processes, commissioned J. S. Hansom to develop a high voltage D.C. supply to drive their Bi-Polar Agglomerator for their Fine Particle Control System.

This 6KV 20 pair neutralizing transformer was developed by John Hansom for the Electricity Commission during the seventies.  The neutralizer maintains the incoming telephone lines to the same power station earth potential during a major phase to ground fault. 



Indigo Agglomerator at Vales Point with J. S. Hansom high voltage variable supply inserted into the passes from the boiler. 

6KV 20 pair neutralising transformer