About us
This wholly Australian owned family business began humbly from a garage in Maroubra during the early 1930ís. Sid Hansom and his son John both worked at the Everleigh Rail Yards in Redfern. John had been one of three out of two hundred successful applicants for an apprenticeship with NSW State Rail. After hours, John and Sid rewound small motors. They soon found they had enough business for John to leave Everleigh after he had finished his apprenticeship.

The father and son partnership became involved in repairing DC generators for Sydney theatres. Sid developed a transformer which enabled the projectionist to use AC arcs. He called the transformer, the Arc Economiser. There were 2 models Ė Junior and Senior. These were sold throughout Australasia.

From these early beginnings, they continued making transformers, and moved into the present address in 1938, and established J. S. Hansom Pty. Ltd. The newly formed company then went on to diversify manufacturing indoor and outdoor current and voltage transformers, standards and metering equipment to supply distribution authorities.

With the addition of a 3rd generation family member, David Hansom in 1980, J.S.Hansom Pty. Ltd continues to produce highly specialized transformers and testing equipment. Davidís son Daniel too, is now carrying on the family tradition by working on the factory floor.

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